names flurry, zephyr / zeph, niko
preferred prns. he / they ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ

i'm an furry producer making experimental music, mainly focused on melodic synths and polyphony, to express myself and for the fun of it.

i usually tag my works as oneshotwave - synthwave influenced aesthetically from the game oneshot

genres include
internet funeral
anything else that has synthwave roots

[ music ]
jummbox, audacity
[ artwork ]
ibis paint x, ms paint

songs made in jummbox will usually have the project link at the top of the
description. if there isnt i either forgot to save it, added stuff in a
different program, or made the entire song in a different

soundcloud is what i would consider my "main" platform since its where i upload all of my stuff.

bandcamp is my secondary platform. while i do prioritize it often, i only use it for full album/EP releases and compilations, since bandcamp notifies you through emails and i don't wanna flood yall. however singles do eventually end up in albums so you won't be missing out for that long.
if you wanna support my stuff in the best way possible, buy my stuff on bandcamp!!

youtube is my tertiary platform since i post some of my music but also the other stuff i do there (memes/art/etc)

i use newgrounds but it's my least prioritized. speaking of newgrounds, poly6c is my old name. i have to pay to change my name there.

the main aesthetics i try to go for with my music.

internet funeral
this aesthetic defies description.
just scroll through this subreddit and you'll understand what it is.

qualia calx
a visual and audio aesthetic themed around low quality images, low bitrate audio, intentional audio clipping/imperfections, and scuffed screengrabs from old versions of gaming sites such as roblox and coolmath.

after hours
an aesthetic inspired by the feelings and impressions of seeing a usually populated setting, empty.

spiritcore / mystcore
an aesthetic describing the supernatural magical feeling of nighttime.

glowwave an aesthetic surrounding the theme of things that glow in the dark or with assistance from a uv light

spacecore / astrocore
a type of aesthetic that is centered around astronomy, stars and planets

name meaning

flurry (soft snow)
.xyz (frums reference) - the period simplified as the word
"dot" to prevent accidentally linking unknown websites

i didnt even know flurry meant anything i just thought it
was a mcdonalds drink lmao

the u in flurry being replaced with greek symbol upsilon (υ)

software / programs

i mainly use jummbox ( with vocals and
samples and such edited in using audacity

other projects + previous aliases

[ other musical projects ]
z e p h y r s 니코승리
a vaporwave project with the goal of making ambience that matches the definition of "zephyrs" - soft gentle breeze. the project is the perspective of a slow deteriorating computer, and what all of the files see while dead pixels on the screen spread and spread, until the screen is an abyss.

genres include:

soundcloud: @niko-zephyrs-shori
youtube: z e p h y r s 니코승리

zephyrs - soft gentle cold breeze
니코 - niko
승리 - victory
(niko means "victory of
the people")

an ice-themed project inspired by the works of electric spectre, this project creates fast-paced footwork beats with vaporwave influences,
demonstrated in the debut album aerodynamics of a bulbasaur

soundcloud: deushenyuan

[ previous aliases (main project) ]
polypsychic (shortened to poly)
6 circles
(osu reference)

(other name i saw on osu and thought
was cool)

specific (extremely specific things that just barely
seperate 2 genres that would otherwise be the same thing,
like dnb/jungle)
ecifircas ("sacrifice" backwards)
ditch genre specifics do whatever u want

xyz room hours
named after frums's student radio show.
changed to prevent possible confusion
in the future.

zephyr (soft cold wind)
flurry (mcdonalds oreo milkshake)

(google doc here since carrd limits me to 50 elements without a membership)

a collection of my various icons and logos over the years. from newest to oldest.

logos without credit were designed by me.

album vs. EP
(in my opinion, excluding bonus tracks)

in my opinion, an EP has 3-5 tracks, 8 maximum.
anything after that is an album.

an EP with 8 tracks could also be considered an album if most of the tracks themself are relatively long (about 4/5+ min).

but this opens up a bigger rabbithole since there's these things called LPs, which are basically just full-length albums. all that distinguishes an LP from any other album is its vinyl medium.
but if an artist isn't interested in physical releases, can they still label their album as an LP like they can an EP?
i'd assume one can, since thaehan's youtube upload of his bwa! album is listed as an LP by him, though there are no physicals.

does it even matter if there is a difference between album/LP/EP? is there even a difference?
these terms seem to only exist to complicate things...

i think debut albums/ep's from just about any artist can easily fall into this "first album syndrome", where many times, i find fans of artists i look up to, frequently talking about or returning to said artist(s) first release despite what quality said release is and what quality may have came out in the future.

finding your aesthetic is an important step in music production.
once you find "yourself", the audience can find you.

(google doc here since carrd limits me to 50 elements without a membership)

my gallery of edits, alternate icons, and wallpapers matching
my aesthetic.

while most of these art pieces are edits of pre-existing material,
they still resonate within me.
these pieces are based on emotions, dreams, and nearly
forgotten thoughts.

quick links to all my album/EP release list on this alias in chrono order.

note that , before i release a full album , i typically release an
EP of outtakes from said album before releasing the full thing. because of this,
the outtake EPs will be decimals
(i.e. moral compass is 2nd release, the outtakes EP kuiper is 1.5th release)

moral compass
(1st release - 1st EP)
soundcloud / bandcamp

outtakes from moral compass
(1.5st release - 2nd EP)
soundcloud / bandcamp

stars align
(2nd release - 1st album)
soundcloud / bandcamp
> has bonus track "glass river" on bandcamp

(3rd release - 2nd album)
soundcloud / bandcamp

great runas
(4th release - 3rd album)
soundcloud / bandcamp
> has bonus track "the prince" on bandcamp

frequency cipher
(5th release - 4th album)
soundcloud / bandcamp

quick links to all my compilation release list in chrono order.

note that these, while being considered albums, are more like playlists that get updated.

swirling mass (remixes comp.)
a compilation of my remixes of non-jummbox/beepbox/etc songs, as well as vip/edits of my own songs.
will be updated when a new song.
soundcloud / bandcamp

anecdote (old songs comp.)
a bundle of old songs that were previously released on soundcloud as singles, from when i was first starting out. this is what my music looked like at the very beginning.
soundcloud / bandcamp